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Starch Technology

We offer complete process line for starch manufacturing.

Brief regarding Wet milling process for starch manufacturing from maize:

Maize is generally processed to manufacture corn starch by wet milling method, through out the world. Again, byproducts obtained during wet milling process like steep liquor, corn oil, Gluten and fiber are important value added products.

Maize grains stored in silos is cleaned and screened for sand, stone and other foreign particles. The cleaned grain is then steeped in water containing Sulphor di-oxide @ 0.2% for around 60 to 70 hours at about 52 0 . By steeping, the grains are softened and the water thus come out of steeping is called steep liquor.

The grains after steeping are subjected to primary and secondary grinding, wherein Germs are separated. De-germed maize is then sent to washing system, where the fibers are taken out by pressure washing.

Now, the mixture of Gluten and starch is fed for centrifugal separation and the Gluten is separated from starch. The starch slurry, thus remaining is passed through twelve stage hydro-cyclone washing system, wherein the starch is washed and concentrated.

The concentrated starch is then diverted to various production lines for manufacture of Liquid Glucose and modified starches. The starch is converted in to powder form by passing the wet starch through Dryer.


Maize based starch wet milling method:
Preliminary information required for setting up the starch
     manufacturing project.
Estimation of complete starch plant and utilities required
Preliminary feasibility report
Complete process Design & Detail engineering for corn starch
     wet milling process.
Vendor qualifications and procurement assistance.
Complete project management for starch plant.
Technical evaluation as regards to parameters, specifications
     and capacity of the process equipments prior to finalization of
     its purchase.
Supervision and Guidance during installation and commissioning
     of the process equipments.
Impart training in operation & maintenance of the plant
     equipments for its trouble free and smooth functioning.
Guidance for laboratory set up required for the plant activities.

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