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Brief regarding Evaporation process:

We design a process for Evaporators, wherein the process liquid is evaporated to make it concentrated with high solid content. This is accomplished by boiling the solution. The end product thus obtained is having required solid content, desired quality and with operating economics.

These units are used extensively in processing still age from distillery, Fish meal, Foods, Chemicals, Fruit juices and Dairy products etc. Various combinations are employed to get the desired product quality.


Falling film Evaporators:


Process design of various range of Falling film Evaporators, we offer, having very thin process liquid film coming in contact with heat transfer surface. This forms a very efficient system of product concentration.


Proper distribution system of liquid to each heat transfer tube and forming a thin film on the inner periphery of the tube is the basic principle of operation of the falling film evaporator. This again leads to fast moving thin film having shortest product contact with heat transfer surface, which improve heat transfer coefficient.


However the above is suitable for low viscous process liquid. In case of viscous liquids, solidification may take place in evaporator tubes, restricting the thin film flow. Hence to compensate the above, a finishing system of forced circulation evaporator is included to get the desired results with most economical option.



Preliminary information required for setting up the evaporation plant.
We design the process and equipments for multiple effect, falling film

      evaporator system in product concentration including vacuum system,

      Pre-heater and forced circulation evaporator system
Technical evaluation as regards to parameters, specifications and capacity

      of the process
      equipments prior to finalization of its purchase.
Supervision and Guidance during installation and commissioning of the

      process equipments.
Assist to establish the process to its full plant capacity in getting the

      product of consistent quality and yield.
Impart training in operation & maintenance of the plant equipments for its

      trouble free and smooth functioning.

Designing Services:

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