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Our Clients

Glucose plant in Bangladesh
Project management assignment for complete 150 Mt/day corn starch plant and 40Mt/day liquid glucose plant in Bangladesh.
Glucose plant in Ethiopia
Project management assignment for complete 80 Mt/day corn starch plant and 40Mt/day liquid glucose plant in Ethiopia.
Glucose plant in Benin
Assignment for Feasibility study for 200Mt cassava roots processing, 10KL/day potable alcohol and 5Mt/day liquid glucose plant in Benin.
Varalakshmi Starch Industries,
600 MT/day single stream corn wet milling plant with complete process, design, detail engineering procurement assistance, engineering and project management.
Naran Lala Pvt. Ltd., Navasari.
Design / Basic engineering package for Falling film evaporator for 70 KL Grain based stillage.

Bio-Methanated spent wash evaporation system for 30 KL/day alcohol plant.
Nagarjuna Fertilisers &
Development of process Design package For 300 KL/day, 150 KL/day Ethanol plant from sweet sorghum/cane juice including PID'S, broad plant & equipment Specifications, Layout, including Simulation of Distillation system and Integrated evaporator.
Disti chemi Process
        Engineering Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Design of 150 KL/day Ethanol Distillation & Dehydration system.
Adlers Bio-energy, Pune
Design review of 45 KL/day Grain Based Potable alcohol plant Including Simulation of Distillation System.

Plant Design Review & Procurement assistance
Krishidhan Ltd., Jalna
Feasibility study for 30 KL alcohol Plant from sweet sorghum juice and grain
Advance Biollc LLC, USA
Development of PFDís and PIDíS for 59.9 MM GPY Corn based alcohol plant. Development of PIDíS for 40 MM LPY wheat fuel ethanol plant, USA.

Development of PFD's & PID,s for Biomass to alcohol pilot plant
Alfa Laval India Ltd.
Technical advisor for their Alcohol Plant Designs. From year 2006 to 2008
Luna Chemicals, Vadodara Technical advisor for their Alcohol Projects.
Janatha Fish Meal, Udupi.
Technical advisor for their Expansion Projects. Design of De-odorisation system in fish meal plant
Pioneer Industries Ltd.
        Pathankot, Punjab
Design review of 70KL grain based fermentation and high grade potable Alcohol plant

What We Offer

Engineering Solutions:

General consultancy.

Feasibility studies and reports

Process design packages.

Process modeling and solutions.

Custom solution.

Process trouble shooting and solutions.

Detail Engineering.

Piping design and 3-D modeling.

Project Management.

Commissioning and trouble shooting.

Modernization De-bottlenecking and trouble shooting for existing       plants.

Process plant simulation for distillation system for industrial,       potable, fuel alcohol.

Configuration of most energy efficient distillation system based       on the available energy.

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